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Primary Float Glass

Patterned glass

Decorative glass

Lead-free toughened Screen-printed glass

What is it?

Orient toughened silk-screened printed products offer building designers exciting and different ways to customize exterior and interior glass, by using standard and custom screened patterns in a variety of colors. Silk-Screened glass is offered monolithically, in insulating glass units, or as laminated glass, providing beauty, safety and functionality.


  • Orient toughened silk-screened printed glass provides varying degrees of privacy whilst still creating a sense of openness and space, affording good light levels in a room. 
  • With a high level of flexibility an endless variety of effects can be achieved to satisfy design, vision control and other personal requirements. 
  • With Its safety features as a toughened glass you have versatility in where the product can be used.  
  • Orientl toughened silk-screened printed glass is a highly durable product and is also suitable for wet or humid conditions, making it an ideal product for the bathroom 

Application 

  • Shower screens
  • All-Glass Entrances and Interior Partitions
  • Signage, Storefronts and Exterior Window Walls
  • Commercial fixed and Operable Windows
  • Canopies and Skylights
  • Furniture such as table tops & display cabinets
  • Shelving 

Do you know ?

  • Silkscreen glass can not be recued, customers must confirm size and shape when ordering.
  • It takes more time to produce silkscreen glass when special color or silkscreen must be reprepared. 
  • When silkscreen glass is used for facade or window, the printed side faces inward. 
  • The printing method is one-side printing.
  • (Only under certain conditions glass can be processed into silkscreen glass. For more information, please contact our company.

Production introduction

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