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Insulating Fire Resisting Safety Glass

What is it ?

Contraflam is a multi-laminated and fully insulating fire resisting glass produced from two or more panes of tempered safety glass, separated by clear, colour less advanced intumescent interlayer. This product confirms to EI category of fire protection which means that when exposed to fire, the special intumescent interlayer turns translucent and expands to not only stop the fire from spreading across the glass, but also forms an insulating heat shield.


  • Symmetrical fire protection 
  • Can be used double glazed to provide thermal protection, UV stability or acoustic control 
  • Upto 120 minutes fire protection and heat insulation 
  • Can be easily combined with design and performance glasses


    It can be used in both internal and external areas for installation into both steel or timber framed doors and screens. It is ideal for emergency and exit routes.
  • IT data server rooms 
  • Telecom data server rooms 
  • Fully glazed doors in fire exits 
  • Load bearing Glass floors 
  • Refuge areas / Lift Lobbies / Corridors 
  • Emergency exit and escape routes
  • Horizontal and overhead glazing

Production introduction

For detailed, technical product information on this glass, click on the corresponding product file (s)
Fire-resistant Glass GB-Quality Standard PDF

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