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Primary Float Glass

Patterned glass

Decorative glass

Welcome to Orient innovative leading decorative glass!

Orient Innovative Decorative Glass carries one of the largest and finest collections of decorative glass available on the market today. Our range of styles, glass and finishes presents an infinite number of possibilities - and one that is perfect for you !

There's nothing quite like decorative glass for adding elegance to your home. Our decorative glass is classic in design. The hand beveled edges act like prisms, splitting sunlight into colors of the rainbow. Our decorative glass never gets dusty or finger printed because it is permanently sealed between dual panes of tempered glass. All of our units are authentic, handcrafted lead units which are made by Orient Acid Etched Glass, Silk-screened Glass, Lacquered Glass.

Decorative glass is available in many sizes for windows, patio doors, transoms, octagons, round and elliptical tops and full circle windows.

Old world craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail provide our customers with a product to enhance the most traditional or modern home. Our decorative glass products are of the finest quality while our experienced crafts people devote endless hours creating intricate designs of the highest excellence.

Orient Acid Etched Glass + Silk-screened
NAS-001   NAS-002   NAS-003
NAS-004   NAS-005   NAS-006
NAS-007   NAS-008   NAS-009
NAS-010   NAS-011   NAS-012
Orient Clear Float Glass + Silk-screened
NCS-001   NCS-002   NCS-003
NCS-004   NCS-005   NCS-006
NCS-007   NCS-008   NCS-009
NCS-010   NCS-011   NCS-012
NCS-013   NCS-014   NCS-015
Orient Silk-screened Glass + Acid Etched Glass
NSA-001   NSA-002   NSA-003
NSA-004   NSA-005   NSA-006
NSA-007   NSA-008   NSA-009
NSA-010   NSA-011   NSA-012
NSA-013   NSA-014   NSA-015
NSA-016   NSA-017   NSA-018
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